Web Cam Not Working

It is frustrating that while doing video call with your friend or attaining an important meeting, your webcam stops working. Many of today’s latest USB webcams don’t require software drivers. Plug the webcam in, wait about 15 seconds for the computer to recognize it, and then open your browser. If the browser was already open when you plugged in the USB webcam you may have to close the browser and reopen it to enable the webcam.

Some of webcams still need software drivers, usually available in CD come with device. Make sure that the software drivers installed correctly for uninterrupted use of webcam. If the CD is damaged or lost then also you can install the software from authorized manufacturer’s website. Our skilled technicians are able to solve webcam not working issue of MAC laptop as well.

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Q. Can I make video or take photo from webcam?
A. Yes, it is possible to take snapshot or record video from webcam.
Q. My webcam is not working with skype. What will be the issue?
A. Just check the connectivity of webcam or just call to us we can solve all web cam related issues.
Q. My C270 webcam is not working. Can you help?
A. Yes, just call us and we can find out solution for you.