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iMac Repair Price List

Embit Computers provide full range repair services for iMac. Our aim is to deliver a solution to your Apple Desktop (iMac) repair needs with the best turnaround and processional service.

iMac Repairs

iMac Repair Service:

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iMac Screen Repairs | Replacement

  * Remove and replace your cracked LCD | LED screen
* Remove and replace cracked Front Glass

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From $225

iMac Graphic Card Repairs   * Repair graphic chip without replacing a new graphic card
* or Repair display chipset
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iMac RAM Upgrade | Replacement   * Remove the faulty RAM from your iMac
* Upgrade new RAM for your iMac
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From $120

iMac Hard Disk Drive Upgrade | Replacement

  * Remove your faulty HDD
* Install a brand new HDD
* Reinstall Mac OS X (Optional)
* Data Back up and transfer (Optional)

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From $195

iMac Logic Board Repairs | Replacement

  * Repair or replace your old iMac Logical Board

In Store


iMac Power Module Repairs | Replacement

  * Remove burned or broken power supply module
* Repair or replace new iMac Power Supply Module

In Store


iMac Super Drive Repairs | Replacement

  * Repair or replace your iMac SuperDrive (Optical Drive)

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Macbook Pro Overheating Repairs

  *  Clean dust, Oil up the bearing
*  Relace Fan if required (parts excluded)

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iMac parts Replacement | Upgrade

  * Assess your need and recommend the most suitable option for you
* Individual parts removed and installation

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$98/h + parts

iMac Data Recovery / backup

  * Please refer to our data services pages

In Store

From $80

* Fixed price is subject to inspection.
* Price quotation include GST and labor + parts unless otherwise specified.
* Free delivery your repaired Mac Laptop back to you (Canada wide)