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Embit Computers is Brampton’s most trusted Apple Repair Store. We repair Macbook,Macbook Pro,Macbook Pro Retina,imac,ipads,ipods.
Our Professional and Certified Technicians with more than 5 years of experience are trained to repair any problem in your Apple product in no time.

  • We repair broken screens on your iPod, iPad, Mac Book or Mac Book Pro at the lowest prices compared to the market. That’s a Guarantee!
  • We fix/repair any kind of spills on the keyboard, sticky tabs/keys, broken or lost keys, or any non functional keyboards.
  • We fix Boot Up issues, Macbook Freeze at Startup Issues. We’ll safely back up your data and fix your apple product quickly.
  • We fix/ repair/ replace batteries that don’t last long,  don’t remain charged long etc. quickly and at low prices than the market.
  • Do you want to buy new Chargers, Fix existing chargers, Repair broken cables, our soldering technicians can fix it quickly and at the lowest price.
  • We are skilled at fixing any kind of problem in your iPad, iPod including Flex cables for Volume control , Camera Issues, Battery Replacement and much more.
These are the very common issues that we take care everyday basis


Digitizer Replacement  ipad 2,3,4, ipad mini 1,2,3, ipad Air 1&2)

ogwe can easily and efficiently fix/ replace the digitizer on all generations of your Apple Products such as iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Air 1 & 2, Mini 1,2,3 & 4 iPad, iPod4, iPod5. All digitizers repair comes with 1 year warranty, We repair all ipads within 1 hour service(some conditions applied), Ipad repair starts $59.99, Brampton best ipad repair shop, our customers love us and you will too.

LCD screen replacement (MacBook, MacBook Pro,Retina screen, iMac,A1278,A1286,A1425,A1369,A1466,A1502 )

Embit Computers repair all kind of screens in macbook, macbook pro, retina models 13 and 15″ macs. A1286 lcd and Glass Replace, A1278 LCD and Glass Replace, A1369 Macbook Air 13″LCD Replacement, A1466 macbook Air Screen  Replacement, A1425 Macbook Retina 2012 Model Screen replacement, A1502 Retina 2013-2016 Model screen replacement. Lowest prices in Brampton , Same day service, we offer 1 year warranty on our screen replacements.

System Freezes at Apple Logo

If your Apple Product freezes or stops functioning after it’s turned on, there could be a hardware or software issue with it. We will thoroughly diagnose and resolve the ‘system freeze’ issue and restore your system to normal.


Liquid Spill on Keyboard

Any spilt liquid on the keyboard can cause it to become partly or fully dysfunctional. We can quickly diagnose the damage and repair or replace the keyboard and set it back for use. Whether it is keyboard key broken/replacement issue or circuitry damage, Embit Computers can fix it!


Liquid Spill on Motherboard

Most internal circuits aren’t liquid proof. Any spillage (water, pop, etc) can cause the circuit to become damaged and dysfunctional. A liquid spill on the motherboard can cause the system to ‘Not Work at All’, ‘Shut Down Unexpectedly’, ‘Disable certain Features and Functions’ etc. Bring your motherboard or


system to Embit Computers and we shall find the best solution for you at the lowest costs.


Data backup & recovery

Any problem on your computer, small or big, software or hardware, internal or external puts your data at risk. Physical damage or software malfunction can cause the data to become erroneous or damaged rendering it useless. We always advice our customers to regularly take data backups on External Hard Drives or DVDs or simply a Cloud Service. But these are time- consuming tasks and if one is not savvy, you risk losing data during the transfers. At Embit Computers, you can get your Data Backup and Recovery done at competitive costs. Your data (images and documents, movies and music and also software) will be backed up or restored easily and safely.


Motherboard Repair

The motherboard is an important component of any computer or laptop. Physical damage or other technical problems can cause total system shut down. We repair all motherboard related problems on iMacs and Macbooks. We have special BGA Machines, Microscopes, BIOS Programmer and LED Programmer, Hot Air Soldering Guns to ensure detailed and efficient repairing of your machines. Our Expert technicians are experienced at handling delicate circuitry and fixing simple to complicated electronic problems within short periods of time. We are also very skilled at Chip Level Repairs.


Overheating and shutting down

Most times ‘overheating and shutting down’ issue happens because of dust accumulating on the heat sinks. Embit Computers recommends regular cleaning/service of the system to avoid such problems.  If service is not done on time, this issue could further lead to damage of BGA Chip or Video Chip.


Hard drive replacement

If your Hard Drive is broken, damaged, corrupted etc. We can quickly resolve your hard drive problems at our store. We carry all brands of Hard Drives such as Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung and Seagate from 250 GB to 4 TB in capacity. Also the costs of hard drives at our store are most competitive you will find in Brampton and the rest of GTA.


Charger Replacement

Charger Problems are a very common and frustrating problem among Apple users. We first diagnose to see if your existing charger can be repaired. If yes, we quickly fix it in store while you wait (No Longer than 10 – 15 mins). If not, we have a stock of chargers from different brands and can replace your charger for a very competitive price as compared to the market. We always insist you buy quality chargers rather than cheap chargers available in the market. Therefore you will find that our chargers come with a guarantee of 6 months to 1 year.


Batteries Replacement

Batteries have wear and tear and you may find your system asking you to replace your battery from time to time. We have batteries for all Apple Products including MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The replacements do not take much time, by the time you take a look around in our store and check out deals on products, we can have your new battery replaced, tested and ready to go.


Dim Screen

Dim screen issues happen usually because of Inverter malfunction, Tube Damage inside the LCD or even Motherboard problems. We can quickly diagnose the actual problem and fix it efficiently and in no time. Our experts are skilled at handling Screen Problems and repair hundreds of Screens every other week. If you have been working with a Dim Screen and stressing yourself and your eyes out, just get your Apple Product to Embit Computers and have your problem resolved for good.

DVD Rom not Working

DVD Rom might not work for many different reasons. Issues can range from ‘Lens Damage’, ‘Motor Malfunction’,  ‘Connectivity Issues’ etc. However DVDs these days are not very expensive and can be replaced with new ones quickly. We have DVDs in stock for all Macbooks and MacBook Pros. So if you have  problem with your DVD, Just come over and have them fixed or replaced!

Has your Apple Protection Plan expired? Don’t have the Apple Protection Plan? Don’t worry at all, we repair all Apple products including iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iPad, iMac, Mac Pro and more.

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