Convenient Onsite Computer Repairs Melbourne Wide

Computer problems are more than just an inconvenience; they can reduce productivity and ultimately cost you money.

If you are having issues with your computer, embit Computers can help. Based in South Melbourne, we are able to offer onsite computer repairs in Toorak, Port Melbourne, St Kilda and most other inner-city suburbs. Our aim is to take the hassle and frustration out of computer repairs; if you have an issue, we can come to you and sort it out in no time!

What onsite repair services do we offer?

As computer experts, we are able to provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services. These services include:

General repairs. We can carry out a wide range of repairs, from CPU problems through to an overheated fan. Working with a wide range of brands, we keep many common parts in stock – allowing us to offer prompt repairs. We can also take care of ‘non-mechanical’ issues; for example, if your hard drive has contracted a virus we can help to restore order!

Laptop maintenance. Is your computer running slow? Does it constantly lag? If you are tired of waiting for it to catch up with your commands, then laptop maintenance may be necessary. Sometimes it’s a matter of performing updates, while in other cases we may need to free up the computer’s memory so that it’s able to run quicker. Whatever the issue, we can take a look and carry out any required maintenance.

Data recovery. If your hard drive has failed and you’ve lost data, don’t panic. While it certainly is an inconvenience, chances are all is not lost. Embit Computers are data recovery specialists; whether it’s due to accidental damage or data corruption, it’s likely we will be able to recover your important data. With flat rate pricing and a ‘no fix no charge’ guarantee, we’re the company to call if you’re having data recovery issues!

Our computer repair experts can fix your computer laptop on site

Don’t let computer issues ruin your day. If you are having issues with your laptop, be sure to call the experts at Embit Computers. Offering a prompt, reliable and affordable service, we aim to fix your computer – and reduce your frustration!

For more information regarding our onsite service, please give us a call today on 1-905-799-6767