Sony Vaio Laptop Repairs

We provide full range of repairs and upgrades services for Sony Vaio laptops such as Sony Vaio Duo, Sony Vaio Pro, Sony Vaio Fit, Sony Vaio Tap, Sony Vaio E series, S Series, FW series and Z series. We specialize in Sony laptop cracked screen repair, liquid damage repair, data recovery of the faulty hard drive, malfunctioned keyboard replacement, broken or loose power DC Jack repair, broken hinge repair. We also deliver a solution for upgrade service, such as RAM Upgrade or Hard Drive or Solid State Drive upgrade for Sony Vaio laptops.

Sony Vaio Laptop Repair Service List:


Service Name: Short Description Location Price
Sony Vaio Screen Repairs | Replacement service   * Remove and replace your cracked LCD | LED screen
* Price will be quoted based on inspection
In Store From $195
Sony Vaio Graphic Chip Repair   * repair graphic display problem In Store $185
Sony Vaio Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement   * Remove your faulty HDD
* Install brand new 500GB laptop HDD
* Reinstall windows OS
In Store $195
Sony Vaio Motherboard repair|Replacement   * Repair or replace your old motherboard
* Price is subject to inspection.
In Store $150 + parts
Sony Vaio Keyboard Repair | Replacement service   * Replace missing key
* Replace or repair unresponsive keys
* Replace or repair sticky key due to liquid damage
In Store From $25
Sony Vaio Power DC Jack repair service   * Remove burned or broken power jack
* Repair or replace new laptop power jack
In Store $169
Sony Vaio Optical (CD or DVD) Drive Repair   * Repair or replace your laptop cd / DVR In Store $169
Sony Vaio Hinge Repair Service   * Repair your laptop broken hinge In Store $169
Sony Vaio Overheating Repair Service   * Clean dust
* Replace parts(if necessary)
In Store $120+parts
Sony Vaio RAM | Memory Upgrade | Replacement
(Parts price refer to our online store price list)
  * Assess your need and recommend the most suitable option for you
* Individual parts removed and installation
In Store $30 + parts
Spyware | Virus| Trojans| Removal Service   * Remove spyware | viruses | Trojans | and pop – ups
* Update existing internet | firewall | security installation
* FREE Anti-Virus software with 1 year subscription
In Store $129
Data Recovery or backup and transfer Service   * Please refer to our data services pages In Store  


* Price quotation include GST and labor + parts unless otherwise specified.
* Fixed price is subject to inspection.
* Free return delivery services available upon request (Canada wide)