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Laptop Booting Issue

Laptop Booting Issue repair

Laptop Booting Issue

If the laptop powers up perfectly, but the Windows operating system won’t boot properly, then it needs to check Windows startup disk first of all. The booting issue can be caused either due to the files that are used by operating system for starts up have been corrupted or startup record of the active portion is corrupted. First of all we find the exact cause and find out the solution for laptop booting issues. We restore Windows startup disk which contains three files that bypass the active partition and boot files which are present in hard disk while attempting to start Windows. We recover all the possible data present on hard disk while handling booting issue. The boot program refers the files of Boot.ini so, if there is any problem in this file, operating system unable to access booting process properly. We can fix if the Boot.ini file got corrupted using special recovery console and your problem can be solved.



Sometimes viruses and malware can cause booting issues. We scan the whole system and on demand can provide protection from viruses and malware by installing good anti-virus suit which offers best protection against maximum viruses in best prices.