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Laptop/Desktop Repair FAQ

Do I need an appointment to bring in my computer for repair?
Nope! You can just bring in your computer to our shop, no appointment necessary. We operate on a first come first serve basis, but we do offer Rush Service if you need your computer back right away. We only need appointments for house calls.

What do I need to bring with me when dropping off my computer?
For desktop computers, all you need to bring in is the tower and any CD’s you can find that belong to it (cables, monitors, keyboards, and mice are not needed).

For laptops, please be sure to bring in the charger as well as any CD’s you can find. We do not need your laptop case.

Also, if you are having a problem with a specific device (ex. your computer speakers aren’t working) please bring in that device.

How much do you charge to look at my computer and tell me whats wrong with it?
If you bring in your computer to our shop, our basic diagnosis is FREE! We set up your computer in front of you and our medics assess your issues on the spot as best we can. In some cases we would have you drop off your computer and we will call you with a diagnosis.

If your issue does not fit under our free basic diagnosis you will be notified and we will do our best to give you an upfront cost of the diagnostic fee.

Do you service businesses?
Yes of course! We specialize in supporting small to medium sized businesses in all of their technology needs. We can do everything from the ground up if you are moving into a new office (running network cables and more) or we can maintain your current computers and network.

Do you service Macs?
Yes, we work on Mac Laptops and Desktops for both hardware and software issues. We can even make Macs and PC’s work together in your network.

Do you service iPods iPads and other tablets?
We no longer repair broken screens and other hardware related issues on phones or tablets. We can however, repair some software related issues. Since we don’t charge for a basic diagnosis, just stop on by with your device and charger and let us have a look.

Do you service laptops?
Yes, we are a full service laptop repair center. We can fix your laptop power jack if it is loose, replace dead laptop screens, and replace broken hinges, or order any parts (ex. batteries, chargers, etc.) you may need.

Do you make house calls?
We can dispatch our medics to your home or business to fix any problems you may have. We just request you schedule an appointment as far in advance as possible.

How long will it take to get my computer back?
It depends on the issue (and how busy we are) but most repairs are done within 3-5 business days and sometimes even sooner! Advanced hardware repairs or repairs that require custom ordered parts can take longer depending on the severity of the issue. We take pride in having extremely fast turn-around and in many cases we have fixed our customers computers on the spot for them. All or our repairs are done “in house” to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible.

If I need my job completed right away, is that possible?
The computers that come into our operating room are worked on in a “first come first serve” basis. If your issue requires immediate attention we offer Emergency Rush Service for an additional fee. This services lets you “cut the line” and we work to fix you computer immediately.

I’m interested in getting a website made, what do I need to do?
Each custom website that we do is designed and developed to the specific needs of your business. We specialize in custom designed websites but we also have a “build it yourself” template based website system.
What we need from you is a detailed list of your needs and wants and we will give you a rough estimate based on your ideas. Just call us to schedule an appointment to get the ball rolling.

I’m not exactly sure what is wrong with my computer, can you still help me if I can’t explain the issue?
Sure! When you bring in your computer to our office, we set it up right in front of you and go over all of the issues we can see. This way you can describe the problems you are having with the computer in the best way possible.

I’m worried about what my child / spouse / employees are doing on the internet, what can I do?
This is a pretty common question we are asked here at Embit Computers. If you are trying to keep tabs on someone who is using your computer, we offer some amazing special software that allows the owner to see everything the user is doing with their computer. It records chat conversations, emails, websites visited, and even can take screen captures. All of this is completely undetectable by the computer user and can be viewed from any other computer over the internet.

We also offer investigative services for people who didn’t have this software installed and are interested in some insight into what people are doing on their computer.

If I can’t be without a computer while mine is being fixed, can you offer me a rental?
Unfortunately we don’t offer this service anymore, but we do have Rush Service which in many cases can get your computer fixed in the same or next day!

Do you have parts for sale?
Embit Computers isn’t a retail store in the typical sense of the word, but we do stock a lot of parts that are needed for most of the repairs we do. This is to reduce waiting time for our repair jobs. If you are in need of a part, give us a call or stop in, we might just have what you’re looking for!

I accidently deleted some important files, is there anyway to get them back?
Yes, in many cases we can recover deleted data in house, and if we can’t we can refer you to a data recovery specialist. If you are in this predicament, we recommend you stop using the computer immediately. The more you use the computer after you deleted the files the more difficult it becomes and less likely we can achieve the results you desire. Again, stop using the computer immediately and bring it in to our shop for your best chances of recovery.

Ans.Yes, we provide 07 days warranty on all our repairs except physical Damage / Liquid Damage.
Ans.Yes! We claim to fix any laptop any problem.
Ans.It is not essential, but we strongly advise always backing up your data, music and pictures before sending your laptop away for ANY repair.
Ans.No, we keep all power supply units in stock.
Ans.Yes. We automatically carry complete checking of your laptop and will keep you updated for any other faults found before going for the repair.
Ans.Always lower the screen with two hands. Sometimes the screen will over flex when using one hand, causing the screen to crack.
Never shut the lid of your laptop with a pen or pencil resting inside the laptop.
Do not poke the screen with your finger or a sharp instrument like a pen or pencil.
Always close the laptop lid safely and carefully when not using the laptop.
Never have food and drink near your laptop, regardless of whether you are working on laptop on or not.
Never place books or other heavy items on the closed lid of a laptop. The pressure will crack the laptop screen.
If the hinges of a laptop are cracked or damaged, seek a laptop repair immediately, otherwise the screen could also become damaged.
If the lid of a laptop is damaged, seek a replacement or the screen could also become damaged over time.
If you think your screen has failed, try plugging the laptop in to a VGA / HD monitor using the correct cable type.This will help you diagnose if the screen is faulty.If both the monitor and screen show no signs of output, it potentially could be a laptop motherboard repair required.
Do not attempt to clean the laptop screen when it is on.
Always use a damp lint free cloth to clean your laptop screen.
Glass cleaning products are excellent but do not use excess amounts as the grease smear effect will be evident.